The images have taken a lot of hard work to take.
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All images (C) Richard A Bailey, Images Underwater.
A couple of courses that I have written on
Dessert Sports Diving Club.
This is the local BSAC Club here in Dubai
whom I do most of my diving with. (You might
recognise the photos.)
Wet Pixel.
Underwater photography web site and Forum.
B&H Photo and Video. USA based retailer,
highly recommended. Check them out for
Article by in house B&H expert on photo
equipment.. Top read.
Follow on article by in house B&H expert on
photo equipment, this time on Strobe.
Rebreather World.
Forum on rebreathers and all sorts of technical
Housing Manufacturer whose equipment I use.
Check the site out for details of all their
housing, ports and strobes.
Grumpy Goat.
Blog from one of the other members of the dive
club. A very well written and a good look at
Dubai Life.
Yellow Box of Doom.
Blog of a good friend with details of his exploits
with his Rebreather and his car he got to match.
Shutter bug logo
A group of freinds and I practicng our top side
After prior attempt went unstable finally found a
reliable stable and easy host.... Yahoo !
  WordPress. As well as Yahoo I use the
wonderfull people of wordpress for blog engine
/ template.
Here is a list of some of my favourite
photographers out there on the WWW
Joe McNally
Zak Aries
David Hobby
Chase Jarvis
Here are a few resources and links from various sites I like
and/or find useful.
Underwater Gallaries
Topside Gallaries
Me and My Toys