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These images are the result of lots of time and effort.
Please respect the copyright, if you want them - just ASK.
All images (C) Richard A Bailey, Images Underwater and Topside Imaeges.
Underwater Gallaries
Topside Gallaries
Me and My Toys
David Hobby
Results of a two day session shooting with world
famous David Hobby (aka Strobist).
Part of Gulf Photo Plus 2009.
Joe McNally
Results of a session shooting with world famous Joe
McNally (Author of "The Moment it Clicks" and "The Hot
Shoe Diaries".
Part of Gulf Photo Plus 2009.
Oasis Beach
One of the oldest hotels in Dubai being demolished.
Goodbye Charlie parrots !
Shots around the theme of "reflections"
A commisioned shoot for a good Freinds getting
married to use on thier wedding invite. Also a step by
step on the photoshop work that went into making the
final image.
Looking Up At the World.
Images themed around the topic of looking up at the
Star trails
An overnight camp in the desert in the middle of
nowhere gave me the opportunity for some hour+
Gulf News Fun Drive.
Some shots from a preperation drive for the Gulf News
Fun Drive. Also some nice high contrast sand shots.
Andy Warhol.
Andy Warhol inspired Photoshop portrait.
Baby Photos.
Portrait shot of my little daughter and then some
Photoshop work.
2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
Those cars are fast and at 1400mm lens it's hard work !
Some of the Animals of Kruger National Park. Just for
once it's not all about lens to subject distance.
Random other top side photos I couldn't work out where
to put.