Underwater Strobist - P1
These images are the result of lots of time and effort.
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Inspired by the creative use of light by dry photographers like Joe McNally and David Hobby on location
I've embarked on trying to apply this underwater.

These were shot with slow exposures, camera on tripod and then three Ikelite strobes all off camera.
One DS160 strobe fired from a 15 foot slave cable and then two DS125s triggered from an optical

This is my first attempt and not that impressive it does show the potential that this has underwater for
enhanced natural light wreck photography.
Watch out for more !

These were shot on Inchape II and Martini diving with Divers Down from Khor Fakhan.
underwater strobist
Inchape 2
Would be better having strobes out of shot, but shows
the effect well.
Again either have the strobed not visible or even
clone out with PS.
wreck diving
strobist hand held light
This shot  shows the effect of ambient light and the
increase in low light the strobes give.
My very patient buddy holding one of the optical
trigger strobes.
Attempts on a reef, better colour but loose the fish.
Not a worthy attempt.
The sad state of the coral is due to recent major red
tide outbreak.
Sea Worm
Buddy with Rebreather
As I was playing with my tripod and strobes didn't do
any normal photgraphy, only this worm caught my
Big thanks to my ever patient buddy for putting up
with my prolonged fiddling. Thank god for the long
bottom times from the Rebreathers !